Lakenheath AFB

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Lakenheath Air Force Base
Lakenheath, Suffolk
Great Britain


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Lakenheath Air Force Base

The largest United States Air Force in Britain is garrisoned near the village of Lakenheath, Suffolk. This is where the US AFB gets its name from. Near-by you can find the cities of Oxford and Cambridge, in Cambridgeshire or you can go to Norfolk. This underlines the great number of facilities at the base. Lakenheath is an RAF (a Royal Air Force) Base, used together by the USA and the UK. It is home to the 48th Fighter Wing and the Liberty Wing. The logo (the statue of liberty) and the name for these are obvious are their meaning also – peace, security and liberty. The size of the base is not exactly known, but it is for sure a medium-sized one. There are 5,700 active military people in Lakenheath and an additional 2,000 staff. This means that the demographics are of 7,700.

The base not only trains soldiers in the field of air combat, but also joins together the efforts of UK and the USA. This is, actually, the primary mission of this base. They use F-15s on a large scale, including the F-15 Strike Eagle. They also use the 56th Rescue Squadrons helicopters. The base’s historical mission has been to join the European and American forces together in the fight against terrorism and the many problems in the Middle East.

The base has been recently built and has attracted some local reactions although it is only a matter of misunderstandings. Some of the near-by attractions are in a British-style, for example one can visit the historic city of Cambridge, its university or can go for a stroll in the scenery surrounding this RAF base. There is no housing for outsiders at the base, but there are some resort hotels in Lakenheath, the near-by village. The educational facilities include both British and American teaching methods, which is an innovation throughout the world.

Lakenheath AFB is very open to the general public and the press and, recently, it has received reviews on the topic of its newest mission, the “Eagle Eyes”. The press is both favorable and unfriendly in this respect, as there are many opposite directions of combating terrorism.